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Dermarollers are skin needling device used to get into tight spots. They have a round, rotating cylinder with at least 200 tiny needles protruding from it, and a handle for moving it around your face. Dermarollers come in needle lengths between 0.13 and 3 mm. The needle thickness is approximately 0.25 mm at their base.

How Derma Roller Works

Dermarolling remolds the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin, increasing the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s wound healing cascade. The micro-channeling causes the release of growth factors that promote scar-less healing and new collagen and elastin forms.

How To Use Derma Roller

Before starting with the procedure make sure that you clean the face with Alcohol. When rolling, stretch the skin by pulling it with your other hand – it will make needle penetration much easier. Roll in a star pattern: maximum five times horizontally, 5 times vertically, 5 times diagonally. Roll the derma roller around five times in each direction. Back and forth equals two rolls. Lift the derma roller slightly or change the angle of rolling and move back to the beginning. This ensures that you will not hit the same prick channel. RecoveryYou won’t see immediate results, as it can take about a month to see a change in skin or volume, but then the upkeep is much easier.

  • Temporarily enables the absorption of skin care products into the skin.
  • To remove fine wrinkles
  • Safe alternative for people with skin too thin to have laser treatment.
  • Remove deep forehead wrinkles and glabellar wrinkles
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Restore sun damaged or aging skin
  • Remove deep uneven pigmentation or acne spots
  • Remove stretch marks
  • Remove acne scarring:
  • Remove surgical or atrophic scars
  • Remove hypertrophic burn scars

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