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Different Genital Asthetic Treatments

Male Genital Aesthetics
Appearance of the male genitalia is linked with self-esteem and sexual identity. Aesthetic surgery of the male genitalia serves to correct perceived deficiencies as well as physical deformities, which may cause psychological distress. Attention to patient motivation for surgery and to surgical technique is key to achieving optimal results.Aesthetic surgical techniques for treatment of penile and scrotal deficiencies. They also discuss techniques for revision in patients with previous surgery. A mans perception of his genitalia has a significant effect on self-esteem and sexual identity. Many cultures associate penile length with virility and sexual prowess. With increased exposure to popular media and pornographic material, men and women may develop a misconception of male genital norms, with the corresponding erroneous belief that genitalia of extreme length and girth is, in fact, commonplace. Hence, male patients present for aesthetic genital surgery with the aim of altering the external appearance of the penis or scrotum despite the fact that they are often normal in size and shape. Advances in surgical techniques have made possible aesthetic improvement in the male genitalia. However, it is always crucial to examine the patients underlying motivation for the surgery, as well as to rule out psychiatric problems. Because male genital appearance is often linked to self-confidence and may affect intimate relationships, it is important to address the underlying mental and physical issues before scheduling a patient for aesthetic genital surgery. Patient understanding of realistic expectations will result in greater satisfaction for both the patient and surgeon.
Female Genital Aesthetics
The growing trend for genital cosmetic surgery among women may be attributed to fashion, cleanliness, aesthetic displeasure and media portrayal.Female genital cosmetic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular procedure. However, almost all of these procedures are performed privately so precise figures are difficult to obtain. Female genital cosmetic surgery includes labiaplasty, liposuction of the mons pubis, vaginal tightening, clitoral hood reduction, clitoral repositioning, G-spot amplification and hymen reconstruction. The study found that labiaplasty of the labia minora is the most frequently performed procedure, and is primarily done for aesthetic reasons. It prevents folds of skin-referred to as the labia minora-protruding below the labia majora, or corrects asymmetry. Beyond cosmetic reasons, some women complain that they experience discomfort during physical activities such as cycling, walking or sexual intercourse. Surgery performed for these reasons would not be regarded as cosmetic.
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