Cosmetic and Plastic surgery in Bangalore is about more than Enhancing the Aesthetics. We believe in reshaping human lives by providing top-notch reshaping Surgery. Choosing a Board-Certified Surgeon ensures a minimum of 10+ years of experience in plastic surgery procedures, including Breast, Rhinoplasty, Body Contouring, Advanced Liposuction, Face and reconstruction. At the centre of everything we do, is to make this journey a personal, caring, safe and positive experience aiming for the best surgery results.

Most popular non-invasive and minimally invasive aging repair treatments are available at our cosmetic clinic in Bangalore that can help you attain younger-looking skin. MAAC offers cosmetic surgery in Bangalore that restores muscle and skin blemishes. At MAAC you get Injectables, Neurotoxins, Fillers, Collagen Stimulators, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, and more.

It's Time To Say bye to premature signs of aging! With MAAC Best plastic surgery hospital in Bangalore, India.

Our cosmetic clinic in Bangalore, India counts the top 10 cosmetic surgeons who aim to deliver the most elevated class of personalised care to all our patients with the maximum hygienic essentials under our high standard facility. MAAC, the best plastic surgery hospital in Bangalore, India aims to provide a high level of plastic surgery treatment which leads to the best plastic surgery results.

Why Pick MAAC Over other Cosmetic clinics in Bangalore?

MAAC counts the plastic surgery doctors in Bangalore who are experienced, qualified and adept in aesthetic plastic & cosmetic surgery and keenly observe a set standard of practice and ethics.
Our surgeons at the cosmetic clinic in Bangalore are profoundly acquainted and specialize in breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, hair plantation, tummy tuck, liposuction, nose surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, lip surgeries, dimple creation surgery, post-bariatric surgeries, gynecomastia, and genital surgeries and offer best weight loss surgery as well.
MAAC is a cutting-edge cosmetic clinic in Bangalore as here we have set standard performance and meet the expectations of the patients by using the latest medical and surgical equipment.
We always look forward to enhancing the quality and worth of cosmetic surgery in Bangalore by complying with outstanding accreditation, certification, and safety standards.


The cost of cosmetic surgery in Bangalore entirely depends upon the type of procedure you are looking for and it varies as per an individual’s requirement. Although there is no fixed cost at any cosmetic clinic in Bangalore to get surgery, still the cost matters a lot when you are planning to get cosmetic surgery. People like you will wonder, How much does a breast enlargement cost? How much does weight loss surgery cost? How much does a nose job cost?
As mentioned above, it is quite a tough task to make a precise calculation about the cost to be incurred on cosmetic surgery, as it entirely depends on an individual’s need.
However, at MAAC we try our best to quote you a fixed cosmetic surgery cost that needs to be incurred for your desired treatment and procedure upon successful physical consultation and cost assessment.


Here at MAAC the best plastic surgery hospital in Bangalore we offer tailored experience, expert advice and a personal approach to plastic surgery patients in Bangalore.
The MAAC is all about conducting an array of surgical cosmetic procedures. Here we employ the latest and most authentic cosmetic surgery techniques and tools which make us competent to cutting-edge surgery standards. Cosmetic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and liposuction are persistently weighed up and universally rated high among top Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals. Our cosmetic
clinic in Bangalore offers the optimum level of tailored and special care with suitable skills and appropriate values leading to the best plastic surgery results.
The standard approach followed at MAAC makes sure that your cosmetic surgery in Bangalore is aligned with an extensive treatment plan and complies strictly with set standards which will make your surgery a pleasant experience and you will get the desired look.

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Let the world see the best version of yours. More importantly, let yourself feel the best version of yourself.

Word's From Our Chairman

"Being ambitious is very important in ones life. I always suggest to set a goal to touch the sky, but at the end even if you are able to touch a cloud it matters a lot. "

Most of the quality comestic surgeries are performed very far from India in abroad countries which cost a huge amount for both treatment and traveling expenses, so here I Introduce MAAC to our society the best of best Aesthetic services at affordable prices by expert Doctors of INDIA.

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Our Doctors
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HOD Plastic Surgery Department

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Plastic Surgeon

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Plastic Surgeon

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Consultant Anesthetist

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Consultant General Physician


MAAC is the best plastic surgery hospital in Bangalore indeed, as it counts the top surgeons of India who are experienced in reshaping many lives over years. Our board-certified surgeons have approx 10 years of experience in cosmetic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, body contouring, advanced liposuction, and face and reconstruction.

At MAAC, a cosmetic clinic in Bangalore we know how to convert your misery into smile and happiness. We endeavour to make your surgical journey personal, caring, safe and positive along with delivering you the best surgical results.

There is no specified cost for cosmetic surgery in Bangalore as the estimated cost will entirely depend on the type of procedure you are looking forward to and as per the individual’s requirement. However, the cost of plastic surgery in Bangalore typically ranges from Rs.29500 to Rs.104118.

At MAAC, we will quote a fixed surgery cost after a physical examination and cost assessment of the surgery that will be operated on. Our consultant will let you know about all the expenses that will be incurred during your surgery so that you can understand where and how the amount is incurred.

MAAC is all about conducting an array of surgical procedures. Here cosmetic surgery procedures are carried out with the latest and most authentic surgery techniques and tools.

At MAAC, a cosmetic clinic in Bangalore our surgeons specialize in the following cosmetic surgery procedures:
 - Breast augmentation
 - Rhinoplasty
 - Body contouring
 - Advanced liposuction
 - Face and reconstruction
 - Breast lift
 - Breast reduction
 - Hair transplant
 - Tummy tuck
 - Facial cosmetic surgery
 - Lip surgery
 - Dimple creation
 - Nose surgery
 - Post-bariatric
 - Gynecomastia
 - Weight loss

Most people think that Cosmetic surgery is a part of Plastic surgery in Bangalore or they both are the same. Although these two are quite similar, there are technical differences between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery in Bangalore

Cosmetic surgery is performed to enhance an individual’s appearance or overall look. It can be performed on all parts of the body including the head and neck. The procedures at a cosmetic clinic in Bangalore are body contouring, breast enhancement, facial contouring, facial rejuvenation, and skin rejuvenation.

Plastic surgery in Bangalore

Plastic surgery is performed in order to fix the flaws of the human body. It involves the reconstruction of facial and body defects which occur at the time of birth, burns, diseases and trauma.

The procedures of plastic surgery are Burn Repair Surgery, Hand Surgery, Reconstruction of Breasts, Repair of Congenital Defects, Reconstruction of Lower Extremities, Scar Revision Surgery.

Generally, individuals who undergo cosmetic surgery in Bangalore don’t report pain during the earliest stage of the postoperative period. Although there are individuals who took liposuction combined with or without other plastic surgical procedures and felt pain after surgery.

Treatment for each type of surgery without causing pain needs techniques that can be used as a single method or combined with each other to relieve postoperative pain after plastic surgery. Nausea, vomiting, constipation, somnolence, etc., are some of the common post-surgical effects.

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